Cambodia Cars for Dealers Year 2010 Painted a Positive Sales Trend for New Cars in Cambodia

Published: 11th March 2011
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Dealers in Cambodia for cars have recommended that the Kingdom is trending really a rosy picture for car sales. But most if not all of the Cambodian car dealers have claimed that the sector of cars for dealers still has a way to reach the figures of crisis in the industry of cars in Cambodia.

Toyota Motors in Cambodia declared to have reached its target of selling 500 automobiles in the year 2010. All this was mentioned by the company's president Kong Nuon. As he said that, "We accomplished our objective and sales targets, which was a slight improvement as compared to 2009. I did not see the change in behavior in Cambodia cars industry too much as compared to a year earlier; on the other hand, it did not move backward".

As compared to the last year the sales figures about cars for dealer in Cambodia has declined noticeably, especially for NGO customers. Now majority of the customers in Cambodia are households, as he announced that the target for sales in Cambodia car industry in 2011 is around 600 units.

One more popular importer of cars from Japan known as Narita Motorcare Cambodia stated a 15 percent increase in sales of vehicles in Cambodia, despite the fact that the Narita MotorCare Cambodia, declined to release sales figures in the year 2010. As managing director Long Narith narrated that last year, the firms' sales had declined 50 percent.

"Sales of my company have picked up in view of the fact of third quarter as I am imported new models in Q4," said by Long Narith the managing director of Narita MotorCare Cambodia.

Chevrolet Importers of Cars for Dealers and importer Auto Sale (Cambodia) claimed that sales have increased around 22 percent in the last year, as compared to the last year, chiefly on the back of the latest models.

On the other hand, Ford importer RM Asia stated that they saw sales fall short of its target 400 cars in Cambodia, regardless of recovering economy.

In the intervening time, up and coming entrants declared that the first year in the Kingdom of Cambodia had been tough enough, but still these vehicles in Cambodia pour equal hopes that sales would go towards betterment.

Worldwide Garage, another importer of Cars in Cambodia set up shop early last year and started importing cars from a new Great Wall Vehicles in China.

In 2010, sales accomplished about 40 percent of its target which was set to 150 cars in Cambodia, said by the chairman of Worldwide garage and its CEO Peang Mann. The sales objectives for cars for dealership are aimed to sell 150 to 200 cars this year.

Further he said that it was likely in the range of 2,500 to 3,000 cars to be sold in Cambodia every year. Along with this more than 10 legitimate dealers are coming into operations at the same time.

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